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Link Restoration
About Link Restoration
Flood Damage Repair Spokane WA
Mold Cleanup And Removal

Our Vision

We know how water damage can turn your world upside down. The uncertainty, the disruption, and the worry about what’s next can be overwhelming. At LINK Restoration, we acknowledge these challenges and stand with you. Our empathy is our strength, and your peace of mind is our mission. The service encompasses everything from rapid response to thorough water extraction, drying, and, ultimately, complete restoration of affected areas. The focus is on minimizing disruption and ensuring long-term safety and comfort in one’s home or business.

Benefits of working with Us

Flood Damage Mitigation

Water Removal/Extraction

Removing standing water to prevent further damage and mold growth.

Leak Detection and Repair

Stopping the source of water intrusion if applicable.

Emergency Contact and Response

Immediate response to mitigate further damage and ensure safety. Do not hesitate to call, we offer a 1 hour response guarantee for emergencies. Call: (509) 730-5880

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Ensuring a safe and healthy environment by cleaning and disinfecting affected areas.

Emergency Water Damage Restoration